Halo® Hair Extensions (Blonde Balayage, 20", 180 grams) | Luxy Hair - Luxy® Hair (2023)

Halo® Hair Extensions Collection

Halo® Luxy Hair extensions are made from 100% remy human hair and feature a combination of varied hair lengths that taper off at the ends to mimic your natural hair best (also known as single-drawn hair). They come straight and can be styled to waves or curls using hot tools. New to Halo® hair extensions? Click here for all of our frequently asked questions.

Our extensions are dyed using a multi-tonal adapt coloring system, which means there are subtle highlights and lowlights (lighter and darker strands) throughout each set. This gives it movement, dimension, and depth. It also ensures that the extensions blend with your natural hair, even if your hair color is slightly different. You can also have them dyed or toned darker by a professional hair colorist. Here is an article walking you through our dyeing do’s and dont’s.

Our Halo® Hair Extension Collection

A one-and-done solution for adding length and thickness, Halo® extensions let you enjoy heavenly hair in an instant. They are best suited for thin to medium hair types and for those with below bust-length hair. Halo extensions come with seven different-sized nylon wires to ensure a perfect fit and ultimate comfort.

Halo® hair extensions are best suited for hair longer thanbust length and a thin to medium thickness hair type. If you have fine/medium strands but many of them, you will need to opt for a Halo® Volume Bundle. For those with a thicker hair type or short hair, we recommend opting for our 20” Classic Clip-in Volume Bundle (265g). Click here to learn how to figure out your hair type and choose the right set.



Total Pieces

Pieces Breakdown

16 inches

140 grams


1 x 10" Halo® hair extension (110 grams)

2 x bonus 2-clip wefts (4")

16 inches

180 grams


1 x 10" Halo® hair extension (110 grams)

2 x bonus 2-clip wefts (4")

1 x 4-clip Volumizer Weft (7”)

20 inches

180 grams


1 x 10" Halo® hair extension (140 grams)

2 x bonus 2-clip wefts (4")

20 inches

225 grams


1 x 10" Halo® hair extension (140 grams)

2 x bonus 2-clip wefts (4")

1 x 4-clip Volumizer Weft (7”)

More questions? Email us at info@luxyhair.com.

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    Halo® Hair Extensions (Blonde Balayage, 20", 180 grams) | Luxy Hair - Luxy® Hair (1)

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    Halo® Hair Extensions (Blonde Balayage, 20", 180 grams) | Luxy Hair - Luxy® Hair (2)

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